ICMG is a company which supports the enhancement of corporate value, by providing “Intellectual Capital Management”.

Intellectual Capital Management is a new management approach to visualize/identify and strengthen IC and to strategically link/integrate them for sustainable growth of the company.


ICMG believes that a company's tangible assets, such as products, services and business performance, account for just one part of a company's total value. We focus on intellectual capital, which forms the source of the company's inherent value and strength.


The majority of the intellectual capital of a company, such as people, organization, corporate culture, external relationships, branding, expertise and knowledge, has been accumulated through long-term corporate activity and are difficult to quantify in a visual manner. Many of these "roots" have been unacknowledged and lie dormant without being utilized.


However, by creating a company in a way that is firmly built on these "roots of value," it is possible to transform a business into a new model with flexible and powerful inner strength.


For additional information, please see www.icmg.co.jp.